Waterloo Express

Luxury Shuttle service and car rental


By accepting our service, you are accepting our Terms and Conditions

HST (TAX): All rates are subject to 13% Tax

Gratuity: %15 to the driver

QUOTES: All our quotes are valid for one day only. Many factors control the quotes and therefore our quote may change from day to day, some of these facts; Number of passengers, holidays, weekends, if you are a regular client, working after midnight, booking in advance, number of hours/days you need the service etc..

EXTRA STOP(S): We can do extra stops, pickups/drop-offs, rates will depend on the waiting time and distance

LATE NIGHT PICKUPS/DROP-OFFS: Any service occurred between midnight and 6:00 a.m. are subjects to extra charges.

TOLL ROAD (407) CHARGES: We take the toll road only by request from the passenger, $20 extra charge will apply. 

WEATHER / ROAD CONDITION: Please note due to extreme weather/road conditions or any other unexpected situation, a delay or cancellation of your service may occur, therefore it is very recommended, all passengers use extra time, arriving early to your destination is much more convenient than missing your business’ plan, flight, meeting, and/or appointment. Waterloo Express holds no responsibility towards the result of service cancellation or delay.

CHILD SEATS: Passengers can use their own car-seat for their baby/infant/child. It is the responsibility of the family to insure and secure their baby in the car-seat properly. 

INTERNET BOOKING: In 24 hours, we respond to all emails/orders made by our website. If you did not receive a respond within 24 hours, this does represent concern and you should contact us by phone as soon as possible. We have noticed that some clients has restricted email filter and our emails/responds was directed to the junk mail of the client.

VEHICLE DAMAGE/CLEANUP CHARGES: Passengers are responsible to keep the vehicle clean and at the same condition before their ride, in case of damage or mess, passengers is responsible to pay the full amount of the related invoice. Some fees include: vomiting is a $150 cleaning fee.

GTAA AIRPORT FEE: Pearson Airport charges $15 fee for sedan pickups, and $27 fee for Mercedes Sprinter, which goes directly to the GTAA. For more information, please visit Pearson Airport website, link attached

DRIVER WAITING TIME: We charge $50 for every additional half an hour waiting. For airport pickups, one hour waiting from the time of your flight lands is free, It is recommended to inform the driver in case of delay due to any reason, always you can reach the driver by calling office by phone, text messaging (SMS) + 1 519 781 8184 . Without your notification, driver may leave after one hour waiting 

CANCELLATION POLICY: The customer will bear the full charge of the service if Waterloo Express was informed within 72 hours before the order due time. Extra charges may apply in case of changing the date or time.

DEPOSIT POLICY: Sedan or van: All reservation are subject to non-refundable $100 deposit. Some booking has to be paid in full and no refund on cancellation for wedding, stretch and weekends orders.  

Waterloo Express reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason with no liabilities toward the results of the cancellation